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A complete information of Gemini Google’s New AI model – Advanced AI Structure

Gemini is Google’s newest impressive project in the world of AI language models. Its full name is “Generalized Multimodal Intelligence Network,” which is a powerful AI system that can handle different types of data and tasks simultaneously.

It can handle images, text, video, audio, and 3D models and graphs. It can be used to provide answers, transcribe summaries, captioning, translating, sentiment analysis, and more.

How Gemini Works: Confluence of Multimodel Encoders

The basic design of Gemini is based on two main elements: a multimodal encoder and an encoder that can be multimodal. The main job of a multimodal encoder is to convert different types of data into a standard message that the decoder will be able to understand. After that the work of decoder takes place and it provides output of different modalities as per the encoded input and task.

For example, if we take an image and the goal is to create an expansion of that image that describes the image, then the encoder transforms the image into a vector that can capture all the properties and importance. It then converts that vector into text that describes the image.

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